Fuck Up!

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Original Lyrics

Since the day I was born
I’ve been facing scorn
Always been called a fuck up
Till it became a permanent voice
At the back of my head, front of my mind
Thinking you’re a fuck up, being told over n over
It ain’t an easy life man, just ain’t 

I’m just a fucked up human
Living in a fucked up body
Dying in a fucked up world
Crying every fucked up day, in every fucked up way
Just as fucked as can be
Even more fucked up than need be
Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up
Ohhh so motherfuckin fucked up

So I live this life like this
Live like I’m sorry for it
Like I should apologize for being alive
Jus a fucked up soul with a fucked up hole
But now I feel you’re all fucked around me
Through my fucked up eyes I can see
You’re all more fucked up than me
So fuck you all, ‘cos I’ve found me

I’m not as fucked as seems
You’re all more fucked than you dream
I will fight back, push you all the way back
Out of my head, out of my brain
That you’ve fucked with your fucking words
So fuck you all, JUS FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!!

But I’m jus a weak soul
Not strong enough for you
I am strong, NO you aren’t
I will fight, NO you can’t
I will kill, NONE but yourself
I hate you, YOU are weak
Ahhh, leave me alone, NO I won’t
I am dangerous, YOU’RE too weak
Get away from me, NO I won’t
Please, please leave me, ONLY IF YOU agree
You’re even more fucked up than we can see
Ohhh God no please I won’t, YES YOU WILL
Yes, YES, Yes, YES, Yes…

Hahahaha, that’s my boy, now be good and never deny that again.

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  2. […] Fuck Up! (diveintome.wordpress.com) […]


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